Librairie Giraud-Badin : ventes et enchères de livres anciens

La librairie Giraud-Badin est spécialisée depuis le début du siècle dernier dans l'expertise, et la rédaction de catalogues de livres pour les ventes aux enchères publiques.





or nearly a century, the Librairie Giraud-Badin has played a pre-eminent role in the field of rare books and manuscripts, and is internationally renowned for its expertise in public auctions.


Its founder, Louis Giraud, was born in Lyon on June 24, 1876. Not wanting to follow the family  tradition of medicine, he studied law before undertaking a career in banking. In 1906, his health fragile, he resigned his banking job and turned to antiquarian books. Ten years later, in 1917, he opened his first bookshop in Paris, at 69, avenue Mozart, named Giraud-Badin after his father ‘s and his mother’s family names. With the acquisition of Librairie Henri Leclerc in 1923, he expanded his opération to 219, rue Saint Honoré and acquired the rights to the Bulletin du Bibliophile, a prestigious bibliographic revue which had been founded by Joseph Techener in 1834.


With the help of his colleague H. Émile-Paul, eminent bibliographer and son of a Paris auctioneer, Louis Giraud established himself as an expert in the field of public auctions, following in the tradition of the librairies Techener and Leclerc. For over 25 years, he served as expert for hundreds of public auctions, presiding over the sales of such collections as Sarah Bernhardt, Bethmann (1923), le comte de Suzannet (1923-1938), Armand Ripault, Eugène Renevey (1924), Marcel Bénard, Georges-Emmanuel Lang (1925), Hector de Backer, comte Foy (1926), Gabriel Hanotaux, château de la Roche-Guyon (1927), Edgar Mareuse (1928), Dr P. Portalier (1929), Pierre Louÿs (1930), L.-A. Barbet, George Blumenthal, le duc Robert de Parme (1932), duchesse Sforza, Maurice Escoffier (1933), Lucien Gougy (1934), Mme Théophile Belin (1936), Georges Canape, comte Greffulhe (1937), Fernand Vandérem (1939-1940), Chadenat (1942-1950), Marc Merle (1945), Achille Perreau (1946), and others.


Despite a number of obstacles, Louis Giraud continued publishing the Bulletin du Bibliophile. He published numerous bibliographies, as well as the revue Commerce, directed by Paul Valéry, Léon-Paul Fargue and Valéry Larbaud. He was awarded the title of Expert for the French national library, a title that has since been historically passed on to his successors.


In 1928, the Librairie Giraud-Badin relocated to 128, boulevard Saint Germain. In 1953, his health failing, Louis Giraud retired from the Librairie, leaving it under the direction of long-time collaborator Lucien Lefèvre, and Claude Guérin, who had arrived in 1951. Louis Giraud died in 1960.   With the subséquent death of Lefèvre in 1966, Claude Guèrin assumed direction of Giraud-Badin, relaunching the publication of the Bulletin du Bibliophile (which had ceased in 1962) and infusing new life into the shop. In 1978, Claude Guérin acquired L’Artisan du Livre, a bookshop and publishing house located at 22, rue Guynemer, facing the Luxembourg gardens. Two years later, he established the Librairie Giraud-Badin definitively at this address, where it has been ever since. The existence of a second floor at the time allowed for the organisation of a number of exhibitions : notably the bindings of Pierre-Lucien Martin (1978), Monique Mathieu (1981), and the first personal exhibition by Jean de Gonet (1982).


During his 40-year career, Claude Guèrin organised over 430 public auctions, presiding over a number of prestigious collections : André Hachette (1953), Abel Lefranc (1954), Jean Tannery (1954-1955), Louis Giraud-Badin (1955), Marcel Loncle (1956-1962-1963), Jacques Millot (1958-1975-1991), Tudor Wilkinson (1961-1970), Louis Cartier (1962), le colonel Sicklès (1962-1963), Villebœuf (1963), Jean Meyer (1964), Lazard (1971), Antoine Vautier (1971-1977), la comtesse Niel (1973), Sczaniecki (1974-1975), A. Abdy (1975-1976), Marc Pincherle (1975), Jules Marsan (1976), Sacha Guitry (1976-1977), Maxime Denesle, Robert van Hirsch (1978), R.-E. Cartier (1979), Francis Kettaneh (1980), Léon Dirkx (1981), Jacques Dennery (1984), Fernand Poupillon (1984-1985-1986), Jacques Guérin (1984 à 1991), Van der Elst (1985-1988), Henri-Marie Petiet (1991 à 1993), and more.



Claude Guérin directed Giraud-Badin until his death in 1993. He was succeeded by Dominique Courvoisier, who had joined the Librairie in 1969. In his role as expert for over 400 auctions, Dominique Courvoisier has continued the tradition of presiding over the sales of some of the world’s most prestigious collections : Roger Paultre (1993), C. Zafiropulo et Jean Lanssade (1993-1994), Jacques Guérin (1994-1997), H.-M. Petiet (1994-2003), Jean Meyer (1996-1997), Robert Fleury et Frédéric Anne Max (1997), Joseph, Antoine et Pierre Dumas (1998), Philippe Zoummeroff (1999-2005), Duménil (2002), Chéron (2002), Hamon (2002), Wittock (2004), Louis Jouvet (2005), Léonce Laget (2005), Comte Emmanuel d’André (2006), Léo Larguier (2006), Yves Lévy (2006), Pierre Lévy (2007), Lebédel (2007-2008), Gaston Gradis (2008), Jean Meyer (2009), Kitani (2009), Gentilhomme (2009), Vicomte Couppel du Lude (2009), Puech (2010).


Today, the Librairie Giraud-Badin is proud to claim title to an prestigious héritage, and a illustrious line of experts :

Jacques-Joseph Techener (1823-1863)

Joseph Léon Techener (1863-1887

Henri Leclerc (1887-1923)                     

Louis Giraud-Badin (1917-1951)

Lucien Lefèvre (1951-1966)

 Claude Guérin (1951-1993)  

Dominique Courvoisier (1986)